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Kokomo Indiana

Kokomo Indiana

Tami Arnold

"I am mom to Taylor and Tre', I am wife to Steven, and I am Tami an individual that has a condition that she refuses to let have her" Tami

Kokomo, Indiana

BEING THE BEST ME... My success comes from learning to be the best me. Ever since I can remember I have had a love hate relationship with sleep. My daddy tells a story of when I was little at a family dinner. He said that I was crying and they were passing me around trying different things. Finally, he grabbed me from someone and said I know what she wants. He laid me down on the floor and I fell asleep. My mom has told me that I would get mad at someone and go to sleep(she used to make me angry on purpose). She also stated that I would be playing and get very quiet, she would look for me finding me in strange places. I would hide and sleep so I wouldnt get woken up. My mom said it wasn't unusual to find me behind the couch, under the bed, or on top of the refridgerator! My other family members have said that I never got upset about naptime or bedtime( I ran to it). I was also know as a clutz and talked a lot about my dreams. In school it was all or nothing. I had either A's or F's. I would fall asleep in classes. I would get into fights if someone made fun of me I just beat them up. I would skip school so I could hide in my closet and sleep. Eventually, I was charged with incorigabilty and sentenced to a year in a childrens home. I did very well there. I was on a strict schedule. I had free time and could sleep a lot. When I got a little older I went into the military. I scored extremely high on my placement test. I could've been anything I wanted in the Army. I wanted to be a xray tech or therapist. Somehow I ended up a small wheeled deisel mechanic(those that know me realize that was crazy I am girlie). When I was in training in the heat of the Alabama sun, I would fall asleep in formation. At night I would pull all the guard duties. I figured since I couldn't sleep I would let everyone else.

 My superiors caught on. I was discharged for a sleep disturbance caused by A.d.h.d. and O.c.d. I felt as if I was a failure. I always have been quick tempered and believe that was because I was sleep deprived. Relationships, jobs, and friendships came and went. In my thirties I realized something wasn't right. I went to a dr and told them my problems. I was nervous about taking meds for Adhd but they also told me I have MS. When I was getting ready to turn 40 I decided to go back to school. As I began my testing to go back to school, I met my husband. We have one of those love stories that are made into movies. I had been divorced for 17 years. I met my soulmate. He understood me and loved me as is. He loved sleep as well! He works midnights. Oh perfection!! In school I was struggling to stay focused. My instructors shoes squeaked once and I drifted off into wondering if everyones shoes squeaked. (looking back I was asleep) When finals came I was asked to join a meeting. It was my instructors and the dean! They asked me if I had ever been diagnosed with adhd and I replied yes. They informed me that I had a 4.0 going into the final but noticed halfway thru the class I would zone out. The solution was I would take half my final get up and leave for 20-30mins and finish it after that. It worked I still had my 4.0 GPA. I had so much trouble staying focused I decided to take a break until I could get meds. In the meantime my husband was having trouble staying awake at all. I made him an appointment. I made myself one with my doctor. I went with him to his sleep study. The night of his the guy that took care of him said someone had cancelled so if I wanted to sleep in a bed the one next door was open. I did. The next morning Mark the tech said "Tami you seriously need a sleep study, you are walking research!" The test results come back for hubby he has sleep apnea and Narcolepsy. Before treating his N they have to treat his sleep apnea. I go to Doctor and unload the weight of my world on him. He gives me a diet medicine called adipex and sends me to sleep neurologist. The diet pill is amazing at first I feel awake. I am excited about losing weight! The night of the sleep study I hadnt had my diet pill for two days. I woke up about 3 times. Mark was my sleep tech and my husband was in the next room for his apnea mask sleep study. We were the first married couple to have a sleep study done the same evening. When I woke up Mark said I made him work too hard because I was running in my sleep. During my MSLT I found myself very sleepy. I would lay down for my naps and say I was resting. I didnt think I was falling asleep. I did infact all five with an average of 3 mins of onset. I went into REM 3 times. The day I found out the results the adipex no longer helped. My dr was late I was in the room waiting for 1 1/2 hours. I was so sleepy he made me take a sample pill and wait to drive home. I came home and cleaned my entire house. I went thru a journey of self discovery. I realize I am perfectly imperfect. My marriage is amazing. I was dreaming wide awake when I met him. Now, I am living that dream. I still have my days. I just had to find out that although I have struggles I am me. I am mom to Taylor and Tre', I am wife to Steven, and I am Tami an individual that has a condition that she refuses to let have her. I need my energy and positivity, I am going to be a nana in May! The best advice I can give is love yourself as God does. Forgiving things you cannot control. Finding a solution that works for your problems. Be the best you and sometimes that means an extra nap. I have a purpose in life and I can't give in because it gets tough. Forgive others for thier ignorance. Tell your story to anyone that will listen. Awareness is the key.

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