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Millie Nakatsuka, MBBS - "My graduation photos taken at Bond University"

Brisbane Australia

Millie Nakatsuka, MBBS Brisbane, Australia

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Starting Masters of Medicine

University is a tough time for everyone. Significanly more so if you have narcolepsy (with or without cataplexy). I began my first year of medical school with great propects. I was straight out from high school and everything seemed to be running as plannned. My life was perfect, until the sleep and drop attacks began. To cut a long story short, it didn't take long for my life to spiral out of control. I soon found myself fighting to keep my place on the medical program. I had to repeat and I thought that I would never graduate. Fortunately, I was finally diagosed after a long five years. The damage had been done but I have somehow managed to pull through. It was a great battle trying to apply for jobs and further study with my ruined academic record. It is a harsh and unforgiving world we live in. Nobody wants a failure. I was about to lose all hope until I discovered that there are so many people out there achieving their dreams despite their narcolepsy. I have now successfully graduated, got a job at the hospital which was my first preference and will be starting my Masters of Medicine. Narcolepy taught me to never give up despite the odds.

"Don't let anything (or anyone) stop you!....”


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